We at MAGIX have seen the following problems for months - always when Windows 10 is waiting to install new updates:
- USB sticks are not recognized (which work perfectly before and after the update)
- audio drivers work sluggish, so some timeline arranger programs can´t play correctly
- video recording applications stop recording
- graphics mode switching does not work
- more unspecific Windows malfunctions...

All these problems cause a high load in our support department - and they are directly caused by waiting Windows 10 updates!
All problems are gone after restarting windows with installing the updates.
We assume that some driver functions (USB, audio, video...) do not work correctly if windows updates are pending.
Is this a known issue?

Do other parties already have a solution?

Who at Microsoft should we contact to report these issues?

I can´t believe, that we are the only company which has to deal with these repeating problems.
And needless to say - it creates a bad Windows 10 user experience, if these things happen every month around patch day...

Thanks for feedback - Tilman Herberger, MAGIX, www.magix.com