I have 20 svchost.exe working at the same time but i have never ssen so many in my task manager before ,this happened before 3 days that i saw them for the first time so manyi mean. My memory usage is at 20% all the time when i dont anything on my pc it makes 2,5 GB out of my 24 avaible for usage, but before whne i opened task manager it was like 3-5 % and now just like that 20%.

Could it be a virus,?I runed a full scan with my panda antivrus program nothing found.
Or is it sometging from windows which needs to be repaired ?
Or its just normal for these svchost.exe which is in the order windows/system32 to be working all the time ,20 of them ?
Could it be a worm hided in system 32 and destroying my pc syste,?