Hello Community,

I chose english as language to be more general and open for the discussion.

I have noticed a bug or a problem with the application previews (application thumbnails) in the taskbar, which I can't fix and also didn't find a solution for. The problem is, I don't even know how to search for the problem because it's difficult to explain. The issue seems not be exculsively related to one installation and Windows 10, I already noticed this bug in Windows 8 and it also appears on both of my Windows 10 instances. Now to the description of the problem:

For some applications (clearly not all) a strange bug occurs when I try to close the application over the "x" (close) button in the application preview. I mean the little preview which appears when hovering over an application in the taskbar.

Here a screenshot of the button which I mean:


When clicking the "x" the application will not immediately close, the preview stays there but after some hovering or time it will finally close. Sometimes the applications closes, sometimes it will appear for some time and then disappear. Some application are not affected e.g. explorer and most of the third party applications I work with. However the file / folder properties or the Computer Management are affected and I was able to reproduce the problem with this apps on both of my machines. As already said, it not always happens but for me in 1 out of 3 times closing the application over the thumbnail preview it keeps showing in the preview (but the app is clearly closed => only the preview in the taskbar will stay for some time). Moreover, if you try to click the preview of the app which keeps showing after clicking the close button. It will immediately disappear.

Please don't post things like your PC is slow and this is the reason. This is clearly not the case. Both PCs are on 1607 build and were clean installed without upgrading from a previous Windows Version. I also noticed the behaviour on my previous Windows 8 installation but from my sense a little less frequent.

My PC stats are:

i7 2630qm
8GB Ram
GTX 540 / HD 3000
Intel SSD 180GB
1TB Second Drive
A6 3870
Sandisk SSD 64GB
500GB Second Drive

As you can see I have two different platforms so i think it is not hardware related. Also sfc /scannow and dism checks were made on both machines to verify that the installations are well so please do not post this. The installations are on both PCs only about 2 - 4 months old.

Hope someone has a suggestion to fix this. Or even better, Microsoft will fix this in a future release because it seems to be a common bug.