I have connected the monitor X23T-1 from Fujitsu, which has built-in speakers, with my graphics card Nvidia Geforce GT 230 via an HDMI cable at both ends. I have installed the latest graphics card driver. In the OSD menu of the X23T-1 I have selected HDMI Audio in the section Input. In the system control panel of Nvidia I have selected X23T-1 the HDMI audio device. In Windows 10 however I do not get the option of selecting an HDMI audio device even if I let display disabled and disconnected devices. I have also installed the latest Realtek audio driver but in the Realtek HD Audio-Manager there is no HDMI output device. I know that the speakers, the cable and the graphics card work properly because they worked properly with another mainboard but I also know that I had some difficulties to enable the audio sound over HDMI at that time but finally it worked but now I do not know how I made it. I also know that I need Realtek HDMI Output instead of Realtek Digital Output in the device manager but it is just not there. Can you help me?http://fud.community.services.support.microsoft.com/Fud/FileDownloadHandler.ashx?fid=dc784244-fbe7-4fc7-bc5c-f89360e4557f