Windows 10 1803 Disk Usage 100%

Diskutiere Windows 10 1803 Disk Usage 100% im Windows 10 Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community Fragen; When my computer got broken, I repaired it in the store and once I got it back it just shut down, leading me to the ...

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    Windows 10 1803 Disk Usage 100%

    When my computer got broken, I repaired it in the store and once I got it back it just shut down, leading me to the BIOS each time I restarted the PC. I managed to repair it, but the PC was not recognizing any boot options at that time. So I had to reinstall Windows 10 all over, but his time it took be about 6 hours to finish the setup., Which is very abnormal, the first setup took about an hour or less. Once I got in I started configuring my Windows 10 when I noticed that my disk usage is 100% even though I did not even turn on anything. So I decided to use Linux like my father suggested, but I liked Windows more because it is more reliable for gaming and other apps that Ubuntu does not have. Once I returned, I asked my father if he has a Windows 7 CD at his home and he did. After installing Windows 7 the disk was completely fine, which is very questionable. Apart from the Windows not recognizing my drivers and the device manager was full of unknown devices. When i try to download my USB 3.0 device from DriverEasy it told me that I do not have "KERNEL32.dll" even though I checked twice and I had it. Really I do wish this Windows 7 CD were working so that could enjoy. But for the Windows 10 I tried all the solutions from turning off Superfetch to Windows search and managing the virtual memory, and also trying to turn off the MSISupported Key on the registry. I also tried reinstalling Windows 10 like it displays here. It might be the hardware, but weird that the disk were working on Windows 7. Please give me other solutions instead of all the Superfetch and windows search stuff. The only time that I have the disk usage on 100% is when I turn on anything, or when rebooting the computer. Other than that it is usually from 0%-40%. Here is the things about my PC:

    Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-7200 CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.71GHz
    GPU 1: Intel (R) Graphics 620
    GPU 2: Nvidia GeForce 920MX
    RAM: 8 GB
    Windows 10 Home

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Windows 10 1803 Disk Usage 100%

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