every day i have stuff to fix :-(

Diskutiere every day i have stuff to fix :-( im Windows 10 Allgemeines Forum im Bereich Windows 10 Foren; Hi everybody, Its hard for me to say this, but after years of using windows i get the feeling that i might be in the ...

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    every day i have stuff to fix :-(

    Hi everybody,

    Its hard for me to say this, but after years of using windows i get the feeling that i might be in the wrong boat. Iam a developer. I install software once a day, i would like to have weekly Backups ob external hd and restorepoints so i can try stuff out and revert easily. Unfortunately win 10 fails so badly at all of this that im wondering if its my fault, because this is a huge mess and i cant believe that this is the most used OS. What am i talking about?
    - restore points throw errors when restoring(No fix so far)
    - the startmenue search doesnt show programs all at a sudden(fixed this)
    - i downloaded rollback rx to get system restore points, because the windows version doesnt work
    - after 2 weeks all at a sudden the start menue Shows the icons but doesnt start the apps, but they start from explorer
    -yesterday so 3 days after installing rollback rx i get bluescreen cant read windows/system /... whatever file. But the core rollback restore points still work

    Well im aware that maybe rollback is a badly writen program. But maybe the shadow drive service of win is buggy? I feel like everything in win 10 is buggy. Seriously. Even before rollback i had to fix little stuff on a daily basis. My roommate(no rollback ex) also has constant trouble running software /games. Its like everytime you install something it wont work unless you fix.

    I wonder if i had an easier live with mac realy at least you can Backup out of the Box and it works!!! And u can drag program folders around without regedit hassle. And you can migrate to a New machine with a Finger snipp. I always loved that windows wanted to be there for every pc-configuration. But i feel like its not working and i want to write my own code and not fix windows every 2 days.. .. what is your experience?

    Kindest regards <3


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    every day i have stuff to fix :-(

    Hello Max
    How about,if You would tell us some more about Your Windowsversion and from the Hard- and Software,You are using?

every day i have stuff to fix :-(

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