Teams organziation switch disappeared

Diskutiere Teams organziation switch disappeared im Office Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community Fragen; Hi So yesterday everything was working fine. Today morning I noticed that the organization switch has disappeared which is bad cause as part of...
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So yesterday everything was working fine. Today morning I noticed that the organization switch has disappeared which is bad cause as part of my uni curriculum I have courses at 2 universities.

When I log in with my mobile phone I end up in one organisation and cannot switch. When I check the Pc download Version its the other organization and also no switching allowed. When I web login in edge and chrome one is the first organisation and the other one only shows the other organisation.

Which is very impressive since they all run via the same account and until yesterday I could freely switch in app between anything.

Also weird is that I made a phone Teams call to a friend of mine in one organization while being on the other organization on the Computer, which shouldnt even be possible.

So how do i get back the organization switch on the top right, to the left of my name? obviously both organisations work fine on their own.

I tried reinstalling teams on the computer, I downloaded all MS related updates I could find (including Windows 10 ones) and this still makes no sense to me. How is chrome and Edge arriving at different organizations but having the same problems?



Teams organziation switch disappeared

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