Onedrive NGSC does not start up.

Diskutiere Onedrive NGSC does not start up. im Office Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community Fragen; Hi OneDrive-Gods, im currently expecting problems with my OneDrive (for Business) installation. Environment: OS: Windows 10 EDUCATION x64 1709...
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Hi OneDrive-Gods,

im currently expecting problems with my OneDrive (for Business) installation.

OS: Windows 10 EDUCATION x64 1709
HW: virtual machine on ESX
SW: Office 365 (2016) local one-click installation
OneDrive-Account: studentaccount from office365 domain of my university

The LogIn Account from a local ActiveDirectory, The office365 account is added as school/business account.

After installing the latest Windows Updates for the machine Onedrive just does not startup.
Onedrive for Business (Groove.exe) the old version showed up but did not let me sync the sharepoint-pages of my university ( because it needed a new version.
This was not fixed by office updates nor by windows updates. Manual installation of onedrive next-gen client did not help either since it did not start up (no icon in icon tray, no entry in autostart).

I removed Groove.exe by uninstalling Office Pro Plus, Installing it (afterwards it wasn't installed at all), repair-action on Office Pro Plus installed all components.

Onedrive still did not work.
I uninstalled onedrive (onedrivesetup.exe /uninstall)
in reinstalled onedrive.exe with the most current version ( NGSC 17.3.7076.1026) i tried to reset onedrive (%localappdata%/Microsoft/
I tried using the Support and Recovery assistent for Office365 to repair it. Didn't help either.

when i tried to install onedrive for business with Installonedriveforbusiness.diagcab I get an error reporting an Office2013 installation. Thus
I removed office completely by using o15-ctrremove.diagcab
(and reinstalled it using Still getting the same error when i try to install onedrive via diagcab.

When I revert to a snapshot before the Windows Updates it works fine. When I update the OS Onedrive is screwed.

Appreciate any help.

Best Regards

Onedrive NGSC does not start up.

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