computer boots by itself again

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My computer boots by itself from hibernation. I've put a question up before and found no help from MS.

BY MYSELF, not beeing a computer expert, I found the culprit: It's a task named "NT TASK\Microsoft\Windows\rempl\shell". I went into task scheduler and in its properties found that the task was allowed to boot ("reactivate") the PC. I unchecked the box. In addition I changed the execution time from 10:00 to 13:00 (bc my PC is mostly turned on at that time). Also I increased the allowed delay for starting the task from 1 hour to one day. I thought the problem would be solved by that. For a couple of weeks, the problem was indeed gone. But now it's back. Upon reentering the properties of the task, I found all configurations OVERWRITTEN AND RESET TO DEFAULT!
I've had this before and read about it in the internet. Windows, probably when doing updates, just overwrites configurations. If you deactivate tasks, it also reactivates them.

So there's nothing further I as a user can do about this problem. Whatever I'm gonna do, Windows will undo it.

All that's left for me is to say: MICROSOFT, FIX THIS! You've taken away the means for me as a user to resolve the problem, so I'm gonna keep on complaining until you fix it or help me.

The whole thing is outrageous to begin with. An operating system should never be allowed by default to boot a computer.

computer boots by itself again

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