Caught in the Office 365 Free-Trial-Trap

Diskutiere Caught in the Office 365 Free-Trial-Trap im Office Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community Fragen; As a 73-year-old, I was perfectly content with my Windows 7 system and MS Office, which I had been using for years. I would have gladly kept it...


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As a 73-year-old, I was perfectly content with my Windows 7 system and MS Office, which I had been using for years. I would have gladly kept it up to my grave, but now it was deemed obsolete... support to be discontinued. My old computer was slow, so I purchased a new hp laptop with SSD, which included Windows 10. For me, computing and especially new software are challenging. I really needed more time to get acquainted with Windows 10, but I had a letter that needed to get out. There, dangling in front of my eyes like a carrot on a stick, was the Office 365- already pre-installed. I signed up to use the free trial, knowing full well that a subscription would be too expensive for me. I had forgotten what day the trial began and wasn't sure how to end it anyhow, so I deleted Office 365 after the third week. I was naive for thinking that I had properly ended the trial. The next thing I knew, Microsoft sent me an email thanking me for my subscription. I wrote back saying I had deleted it and didn't want it- and please don't charge.

I then went out-of-country for six months. Only after my return, did I see that they had gone ahead and debited the 99 Euros. Customer Service said they knew nothing about an email from me. (I sent them a copy.) and the only thing they could do was to cancel starting the second year. In their subscription guidelines, I read that cancelations can be made any time between the second and twelfth month....

so why are they being unfair and withholding a refund?

Caught in the Office 365 Free-Trial-Trap

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