Can I create a SharePoint account to do this?

Diskutiere Can I create a SharePoint account to do this? im Office Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community Fragen; Hallo Microsoft, I have a local database written in Access 2003. There are 5 users. Each user has a copy of Access and a local "replica" of a...


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Hallo Microsoft,

I have a local database written in Access 2003. There are 5 users. Each user has a copy of Access and a local "replica" of a "master" database located on a simple server located on our office network. Once a week (or more) each user opens their replica and synchronizes with the "master" and all their changes are uploaded and they receive any changes that have accumulated in the meantime in the "master".

We only use Access 2003 and no other Microsoft products other than Windows. I am not looking to use Word, Excel or Outlook.

This works really well and has done for many years with little or no issues. It is also pretty snappy. We very very rarely loose any data. It is super stable.

The benefit is that users can leave the office and still be able to work inside the database even if they have no internet or network connection.

The database has become pretty complex over the years and we are constantly tweaking the functionality.

The "maser" and hence also the "replicas" are now 670Mb in size. There are 21 linked tables (The Front End links to 21 tables in the replica, and the replica is then synchronized with 21 tables in the "master"). The format is .mdb

The database is fully normalized so that the Access front end is using multiple tables to display data in its forms.

As Access no longer supports replication and we are considering more "web" based ways to reach our data I am wondering how this set-up could be migrated to SharePoint. Maybe Office 365 Business Essentials can be used for this?

1. Will it still be fast enough? Will Access forms still open fast enough?
2. Can I still use the current Access front end to connect to the data?
3. Can I/Would I connect to my tables residing in DbBee in the same way as I current link to a "Replica"?
4. Is there a way to still keep a local copy of all the data in our laptops when traveling and have no internet?
5. What if this whole thing does not work and we want to move to another system, how can I download all my tables and continues as before?

In other words.. What do I need to do to get up to date?

Really appreciate your help on this.

Thomas Dahl

Can I create a SharePoint account to do this?

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