Bluescreen over bluescreen

Diskutiere Bluescreen over bluescreen im Windows 10 Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community Fragen; Hey there, My PC (Dell XPS 8900) worked fine till 2 days ago. I had a bluescreen (I think it was sytem_service_exception) while working on a...
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Hey there,

My PC (Dell XPS 8900) worked fine till 2 days ago. I had a bluescreen (I think it was sytem_service_exception) while working on a video. After reboot, it was alright the rest of the day.

Yesterday then, I had various bluescreens seconds to minutes after booting. The whole day, couldn't work anymore.

I managed to updated win 10 to V. 2004, the firmware and .NET Framework. I cleaned the registry, checked on viruses but the bluescreens least. Even in safe mode.

Reasons are:


(not sure if all under System_service_exception)







After the last one, boot sequence hasn't finished anymore. Dell's Auto-repair tries, but can't fix and I have to shut down again. I think, its a driver-problem but I don't know really.

Has anyone a solution (except shoot the machine) or any suggests, what matters that?

And pardon my imperfect English, please :/


Bluescreen over bluescreen

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