Block diagram in Ecxel

Diskutiere Block diagram in Ecxel im Office Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community Fragen; Dear Microsoft Community, I have a problem regarding a block diagram in Ecxel, which I need for my bachelor thesis. I made an interview where I...
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Dear Microsoft Community,

I have a problem regarding a block diagram in Ecxel, which I need for my bachelor thesis.

I made an interview where I got over 1000 answers per question. Now I want to compare these answers in a block diagram.

The problem is that in my x-axis I have now the numbers from 1-1000 and in my y-axis the answers which where given in numbers from 1-5 and as the two different colors my questions.

This diagram looks like a mess, because each number form 1-1000 has a block regarding to the given answer 1-5.

I would like to have it the other way around that I have the numbers 1-5 in the x-axis with the block diagram showing how many people have given this answer. And this with both questions so I can compare the number. Even better would it be if the y-axis with the numbers from 1-1000 are given in % form 1-100% in 25% steps.

I can´t develop this chart because it tells me that I have to many numbers (1-1000) that I can´t put those into the y-axis. So, does anyone now how to do this, or if it is even possible to design such a block diagram?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

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Block diagram in Ecxel

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