100 % hard disk problem

Diskutiere 100 % hard disk problem im Windows 10 Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community Fragen; i had windows 10 on my lenovo Laptop last year and it was working fine in the beginning it was performing really well and then out of nowwhere one...


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i had windows 10 on my lenovo Laptop last year and it was working fine in the beginning it was performing really well and then out of nowwhere one day my disk started to heat up and everything froze well not complettely frozen but it was really really really slow like the simplest task to move from a tab to another on chrome would take a lot of time and at that moment i wasnt even able to shutdown my computer because it was simply super slow so pressed for a while on the start button until the laptop went off and i started it again, now the laptop would boot up fast and everything ok even the mouse moves super quick until i try to open the browser chrome or even go through some files. Long story short i decided to do a full format and i deleted windows 10 and installed windows 7 and my laptop was performing again like before except that my hard disk still gets a little warm ( before the problem happened my hard drive was always cold ) but at least the laptop funktioned ok and i recently wanted to go back to windows 10 and i did it today and now i have this 100 % disk problem and it is making my laptop slow.

please help me because i need my laptop for a current project.

i appreciate any help and i'm thankfull already.

ps: i already tried soooo many solutions like deactivating some services but nothing helped
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100 % hard disk problem

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