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Diskutiere 100% Bug im Windows 10 Forum im Bereich Microsoft Community Fragen; Dear Microsoft Coumminty, I have a problem with my windows 10 enterprise edition. Sometimes when i start my pc i takes unusally long, that...


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Dear Microsoft Coumminty,

I have a problem with my windows 10 enterprise edition. Sometimes when i start my pc i takes unusally long, that indicates the "100% usage bug".

The "100% Bug" is a glitch witch let my hard disk "G:\" go up to:

100% usage

100% Active Time

Max 5 mb/s Readspeed

Max 2,3 mb/s Writespeed

Answer Time to about 10 ms

I had this glitch a couple of years before with another hard disk, it gotten all the same bugs as listed above and i couldnt explain it. At first i thought my hard disk has just gone bad so i bought a new one an new and faster SATA cable (SATA 3). But still had some problems , no 100% but consistenly 50% to 60% ussage . Now its 1 and a half years later and its problems gotten worse! I tried everything , i tried to swap the hard disk once again which dosent seem to do anything at all , i tried diffrent SATA cables , diffrent SATA ports on the motherboard and reinstalled windows 10. You might think at this point theres something wrong with my motherboard , but i have 1 ssd for windows and 3 other hard disks which have NO PROBLEMS at all (They all use the same cable type as the one which dosent work correct (SATA 3).

BUT there is a way to fix it ,

the only thing i have to do is power off my computer wait 3 seconds and start him again until the windows boot screen takes only 2 to 3 seconds to get me in the login screen! After that my hard disk works flawless with:

Max 45 - 65 mb/s Readspeed

Max 43 73 mb/s Writespeed

Answer Time to about 1 - 2 ms

After i discovered that , arround half a year ago i dont have a problem anymore whatsoever! I have this bug litterally everytime is start my pc , then i turn it off and on again and IT WORKS fine. I even thought mayby the disk nummber "G:\" was bugged out so i changed it to "Z:\" , but it makes no diffrence , so i changed it back to "G:\"! In half a year i discovered many of my friends gotten the same problems with there hard disks! Most of the time its only one of many hard disk which gotten this problem ..... laptops are the most effected out of every computers so far. Sometimes its takes 10 minutes to boot a laptop , which is good enought to play ARK: Survival Evolved at Maxed Out Settings and that is very strange , cause ark usally needs a lot of power to be played on Max Settings!

So my Question is , does anyone have a clue or and idea why this is happening , no one could explain it to so far ! I will make sure to leave a list to mayby identify the problem easier.

Computer List:

CPU: Intel I7 4770

Motherboard: ASUS B85-Plus


Hard Disks:

1 x SSD

3 x Seagate BarraCuda 3 TB - ST3000DM007
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100% Bug

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