currently my company has two employees. We have our email server with STRATO and use Microsoft Outlook (via pop3 / smtp) as our Email "browser".

While I use functions like Calender, Aufgaben and Journal, it is not possible to "share this" with my employee. Likewise, it is not possible for my employee to share his calender with me (for example, when I look to see if he has free time, it is not there, becuase we don't share a server.

Additionally, my employee cannot send mails from my account. And the setup with Strato is first come first serve on the email, that is, if he connects to the strato mail server before I do, he loads all my mails to him and I don't sse them.

I am also not happen with the SPAM control with STRATO.

At my customer, they have a full blown outlook and exchange server.

Is there a way to get Exchange for my company and port my email addresses to Microsoft - as a hosted solution. What would this cost?

Thanks for the help!!!