Excel hangs if you open a "Chart" (Diagrammblatt) in full Screen Modus on a 5K monitor.
Excel also hangs if the Excel window is close to full screen.

1.Easy table on a spreadsheet with two rows and some values.
2. Diagram of These data in a separate "Chart".
3. Excel hangs showing the "Chart".
4. It is not possible to Change in another sheet anymore.
5. Taskmanager is showing about 20% duty time for Excel
6. Excel will not recover if you wait.

This effect is independent from size of the Excel file.
Excel doesn't hang in the spreadsheets. Even if they are larger.
In a smaller resolution the effect doesn't occur.
In smaller windows the effect doesn't occur.

Computer: i7 6700, 32 GB Ram, SSD, 5K Monitor Dell UP2715K, Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 4GB.